Thursday, 9 May 2013

Glass of water on the side

It's the glass of water on the side,
it's the movies you put on for me
mugs of coco without complaint
arms around me everyday,
alone and tucked away,
or outside on display
kisses on my cheek, holding hands for all to see
that I'm with you and you're with me.
It's the patience when I don't understand
it's the kindness when I'm clumsy
sitting in the row I want
no judgement of my faith
nor ridicule of my taste
my passion is a talent, rather than unimportant
my ignorance an oppurtunity, instead of an irritant
the little things, don't say they're nothing,
they're everything to me,
the way I can be more me, when I'm alone with you
that makes me feel this way, that makes me happy with you.

The glass of water on the table never fails to amaze me, that something so simple, so sweet could mean so much to me. It reminds me I have a gentleman, and I'm lucky. .. It's just a glass of water to a stranger, it really means nothing at all...but to me it represents love.

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