Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My last week of my 2nd year

Well today was my deadline for my coursework, I can't say it's been a comfortable fun loving time this second year but it will be over this week. I'm surprised it's gone so fast. I'm a little worked up about my Language exam tomorrow, the amount of coursework I had to do, it's hardly fair for the exam to be the day after, I haven't had the time or the brain power to revise for it. I know it will be a fail, I just hope I can re-do it. I'm craving some free time, this summer won't be wasted. I have two book ideas to get cracking on to, I have my brothers camping gear and a new amazing best friend who I have have high hopes of spending my summers months with. This week hasn't started very well, it's my 'monthly' in the words of Game of Thrones my 'red flower is blooming' and I'm worn down by that. Then various occurances including my student stress has brought a bit of a blue cloud over me, I'm hoping after tomorrow morning when this exam is over I can relax and take a minute to breathe. Then I can do something constructive of my own choice.

I guess what I'm babbling on about here is that I'm a little at a loss for energy today. When this week is over I'll be bright and vibrant and back to normal. Just right now I needed to hammer out a bit on here. I have a 4 hour shift tonight, I need to kick myself into gear.

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