Sunday, 26 May 2013

my knight inside my heart. poem

My heart it thuds so carefully now
 it remembers the pain all too well
and when the key holder comes around
my heart it cringes, a memory of a cell
there's something inside that stands up tall
a voice that says "I'll catch you if you fall"
my solider is deep within my soul
he carries a sword, a shield of gold
"he's not coming in, and you're not going back
don't worry little one I'm ready for attack
I'm the only knight that can climb these walls
you love me and I love you more."

My heart you see is surrounded now,
I have a commanding officer at the ready
he mended my heart, who knows how
but now he holds my beating steady
the keyholder comes with greetings kind
my soldier I clasp him tightly inside
I can't turn a beggar away at the door
but I have you my solider, to raise your sword
Once my heart was broken in two,
but something remained untouched, saved only for you
now my soul has latched onto yours
and if either shall fall, we both fall.

Don't leave me solider,
my heart can break a hundred times
but I can't live without my soul
you are part of my soul, you make the missing halve
don't let me go my solider, now that I know what's love and what's not

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