Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Drunk and still drinking

I've had one hell of day
been studying so hard there are bruises on my brain
don't you look at me that way,
you have no idea, walking home in the rain.
 Been on shift for too many hours this week
I can feel the strain of no sleep pale on my cheek
I've been pushed and pulled every way
I've sure had one hell of a day

So tonight I'm letting go
there's dust on my dancing shoes
I need the freedom being young brings
dancing till my aching feet bleed
this is what it's like to be nineteen
Oh not long left now, then it's all over
in a few weeks I have to learn to be older
so for now I'm going to drink and dance
hit the town, the clubbing scene
I'm going to rock while I'm still nineteen.

I have a hard strong drink clasped in my hand
I'm tipping and spilling this white rum land
watch me walk, watch me dance
don't bother with me, there's no chance
I just want to feel this night, like its the last night of my life
No cares, no worries, no thinking
to be drunk and still drinking

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