Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Survey on the ideal man

I carried out a survey around Birmingham town centre, asking 100 women around the ages of 16-25 what they regarded to be the perfect male, showing photos of well known celebrities to trigger opinions. Here are some of the questions I asked and the amount of women who were for and against.
                                       For          Against
Hairy chest:                    30           70
Slight hairy:                    42            58
Short cut head hair:         46           54
Longer styled hair:          29           71
Medium length:               60            40
Tall (over 5.8):                 82           28
Noticeable muscles          25          75

on a scale of 1/10 with 10 being 'superman', how strong do you like your men to be?
the average answer was 6/10 (strong enough to be a man, but not scary strong)

The majority of my results showed women to prefer slighter, well toned but not very muscled men. They used words such as 'intimidating' 'scary' 'too much' 'gross' 'disgusting' in reference to hairy men and strong men. The women I questioned looked for a man who they could 'dominate a little' and 'who pulled off skinny jeans.' The majority didn't like hairy men, and had very specific requirements in regards to what was exceptable and not, for example 'the snail trail' line of hair from belly button down, was exceptable, anything waist and below, and 10 women said slight hair was fine, but most prefered their men shaved.

62/100 women preferred Mark from this is essex to Gerard Butler

70/100 women preferred James Mcavoy to Bradley Cooper

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