Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thoughts on the editing of my book

It was tipping down of rain most of the early morning, I woke up at about 5 and struggled to get back to sleep, the sound of rain always inspires me. In Irish my name means rainstorm, maybe that's related. I love everything about the rain, the coolness of it, the sound, the way it looks, the way it cleanses everything and makes trees greener and grass smell good and things grow. My book is growing, more than it ever has done before. My writing teacher at university once said "there is no such thing as writing, only re-writing" I didn't understand that, but I do now. I am re-writing my book, changing so much, the entire tone, events, everything. It's better and it works, I am excited about it. My book means more to me than anything else in the world, that sounds extreme but it's true. You see I've written many pieces  of writing and various novels, but this book, the book for Grace well it's my one major dream, It's the only thing I've created I see going anywhere, it's my future. It might fail, it might crash and burn, but I have to try. It means everything to me that I try. If I die before this book is finished, all my notes and my 'stick' are to be given to my nieces, Jay's girls when they reach an age that their own minds have developed fully. They are the ones in my family I see a similar sort of passion in, they remind me of myself  with their note booking and scribbling, they'd be the ones to finish it. 

Lol look at me, I'm 20 today and going on about death! Yes I know I'm not that old haha. But yes my point was, my book is flowing. 

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