Monday, 27 May 2013

No kiss. poem

I wrote this piece some months ago but have only just sorted through some computer files and decided to publish it on here. :-) quite a simple piece.
 I wanted you to kiss me,

Wanted it more than my own life

You should have kissed me,

I was on the edge, I was waiting for you

Why did you let me walk away?

Why didn’t you give me a sign to stay?

What were you doing leaning in for a hug

You must have known I was undone

I wanted your lips hot against mine

Wanted your arms around me tonight

So confused, I thought we felt right

So why didn’t you kiss me,

I waited for it tonight

I guess you don’t feel the same,

Humiliation blushes rise

Why didn’t you kiss me?

If you wanted me you should have kissed me tonight.

Your arms held me so tight

Why did you let go with a simple “goodnight”?

I don’t understand, why didn’t you want to kiss me tonight?


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