Monday, 13 May 2013

Red Riding hood

Red Riding Hood woke up in the early morning
the dim rising sun was yet to chase shadows away
she tossed and turned became tangled in her sheets
a hot flush rushing through her limbs
an ache in her rose that wont fade away
an ache that God knows not of, Red can't pray
The wolf sleeps soundly in his den
The young girl must suffer alone instead
In the haze of sleep, and the lust of a dream
Red takes something, pushes where it can't be seen
strokes her aching bud, thinking of her wolf
waiting for that release, that ever illusive fire
pushing, rubbing higher and higher
but the fire burns out so quickly
leaving smoking coals, the flames are not the same
the feeling is so weak...
Red thrashes around in frustration, it's not enough, it's not enough
she wants her wolf, she needs his lust
to fuel her fire, and then burn it out, until her embers fade gently
in the arms of a lovers caress.
This pathetic feeling she brings herself, is like a trickle of rain
but a thunder storm is needed, to make this land wet
thunder to echo the cries of sex
Red she falls back into a sleep, only to dream of the raging within...
"Soon" the wolf growls "You'll get it when I say"
Red bowed down to commandment, and tried to pray
release me from torment, take this ache away
"It'll only make it better, when you finally get it"
Red wanted her wolf, but she hated him then
she lay in his bed always wanting more
why my lord? Why did you let me fall?

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