Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dear Heart another poem

Dear Heart,
     How are you? Everything okay?
Right of course it is, silly thing to say
I know you're doing well, I feel you beating strong despite being away from me,
I see you've patched up all bleeding holes, yes I can see.
The new lodger? Yes he's fine, I'm taking care of him
I feel his energy everyday humming from within
I don't know how long he wants this lease to be, this new tenant of mine
Of course the room is his as long as he wants it, he can rent for all time.
I'm coming around to your way of thinking heart, living for today
But still you're weakness worries me, for your continuous health I pray.
I'll leave you then dear one, as always take care of yourself
Forever here when you need me, always your friend for life.

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