Wednesday, 8 May 2013

goodbye girl, hello twenty

Feel that beat, the one under your feet
get ready my girl, you're about to sink
A short while ago loving life was a hard drink
a dance with a stranger, a grey smoke ring
a mistake was forgivable, not a big deal
now it's getting harder, getting more real
a few weeks ago, you were a babe and men were all dicks
and everyday was a possible lie in
deadlines were the only definite around
now responsibilities will start rooting in the ground
a year ago friends could come and go
good riddance, it'll all work out you know
not now my girl, hold onto them tight
time to learn to stand tall and fight
if you fall this time, it will be harder to rise
if you drop something, it will take longer to find
a year ago being thin was easy
and money was for luxury
Looking like a slut was just for a laugh
and a bad hair day was an excuse for a hat
being silly was expectable, being drunk more so
skirts were high, tops were low
shopping was breathing and music was loud
sleep was a maybe, and fun was always
now you have a man, to be a woman for
now you have dreams worth working for
a future is in reach, so take it one step at a time
you get one chance now, one chance to shine
one chance, one life to live
a hundred years will end in a blink
when you lose that teen at the end of your age
it's time to grow up, to turn the page
everything counts more than ever before
every task ahead, every day means more
tricks and skills to survive, you've learnt plenty
so it's goodbye girl, hello Twenty

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