Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bad feeling

I have been slightly off with myself the last few days, it's since I had the words of the key holder slither their sly way over and linking together formed the bars of a cage once more. Because I don't think about the past now, I don't think about my old friend or the path I was on, I am enjoying this new path too much. But then you wormed in, why? No offence but my silence these past months surely sent a message, I don't want you, not even your words. They're like rags of chloroform, suffocating me. Because when you've shut a door and forgotten about it, for it to be opened you're going to have dust rise up and hit you in the face. I can't be cruel, or rude, I never have been able to. But I deleted every speck of dust you left in my life, not just digital reminders but memories, photos, a box of childish letters and valentines...the only thing your words do is make me fear the loss of my Tree. A tree that's growing so well, wrapping its roots right around me, you remind me of pain, you make me fear the pain I'd feel a second time round. That's why I feel uncomfortable now. I can wish you well a thousand times you can wish it me, but I really I don't care. I never will. That part of my life may well be dead, and I've never been one for lingering around gravestones. Leave me alone. I shall never follow you, or look or wish because I feel nothing. Not anymore. My tree has taken all my life and soul and you can't keep a tree or a bird in a cage. Silence is a wonderful thing, you should learn that and if you ever had a degree of affection for me, you'll just be silent. 

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