Monday, 13 May 2013

just gotta put it out there...

I have been American country music all my life, it makes up part of my soul, and you know never, EVER has anything ever changed this, I've never taken to others music even if I liked the odd song. I never took to his music, you know who I mean, I couldn't stand it. The fact that I'm spending my days listening to playlists of Black Stone Cherry and Three Doors Down just adds another ribbon to the very intricate knot that's binding me to another person. Everything fits, everything is marching along in perfect coordination. My wolf has introduced me to a new type of music I have fallen into just like I've fallen into this very deep hole. I really have got to tread carefully on this new territory, I don't mind getting lost in it, or staying here for a good long while, I just don't want to be pushed out.

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