Saturday, 6 April 2013

A crumbling fortress poem

Well my soldiers you fought gallantly,
bravery and honour through and through
but our fortress has been plundered, we've lost this war,
surrender is definite for me and you
Our ward has been taken by the enemy, captured and stolen away
for her safety we can only hope and pray
we've lost our Heart, our dear one today.
do not mourn, my army, as we drag our sorry feet away
we couldn't fight a force so strong, it was bound to happen some day.
Damn it! my walls are down
no point letting the bells sound
they fall on deaf ears, my troops are homeward bound.
once rightous men, in their glory and steel
now they slink away, into a feeling so raw and real
I slip off my undergarments, pure white with innocence and virtue,
I raise them up, as my white flag, I surrender to you
My fortress has been torn down, a tree stands in its place
I drop my shield, my bow, my arrows, in you I put all my faith.
I led a good army, I had built a good wall, we fought a good battle for a while
but the walls crumbled, and with it we all fall, they do not seem to mind their loss,
I watch, with not a heavy heart, for it has gone, and I see my soliders smile.
well I raise my bag and lay down my command, here we go again,
We shall walk this road my soliders, for here only a crumbling fortress remains.

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