Monday, 22 April 2013

So crazy, oh my god happy!

So that weird feeling I last mentioned disappeared on it's own. I can't control my life or my feelings, and if spiralling out of control is what's happening then I'm going to enjoy the ride. Wooooo! spiral spiral spiral!!! I'm crazy incredibly happy right now this moment. So many signs, so many good omens, and I'm just drifting along lazing by the river of contentment.

 I had a broken heart that I mended on my own,
I had a cage that has been opened up,
 I had a fortress that's been broken into
and I had a patch of daffodils that were pretty enough
 until a really bright one came along that turned into an evergreen tree.
I had a half dead pair of wings that have been re-made
and I had a Christians virginity that has now been given freely.

I now have a heart worth keeping,
 I have an air balloon to ride,
 I have a sky to fly in,
I have a thriving tree of life,
I have a pair of wings grown and forged by my own hand,
 I have an umbrella of a childhood dream under which I can stand
I have so much wonder in my life, I'll never forget it again
be it sun, or wind, or snow, or even heavy falling rain
I'll never sink again, I'll never forget again.

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