Saturday, 13 April 2013

Red Riding Hood. Poem

Red riding hood found herself alone one night
the wolf slept in his den
she lay abed wanting, and knew she needed him then.
when the wolf lay next to her, young red head knew her place
paws so soft yet possessive, keeping her safe.
The wolf was not the demon, the woodcutter turned into the foe,
it's never who you think at first, this Red does know.
Wolf bites Red, but gently, his paw in her scarlet hair,
he dips a claw into her, and brings forth excited whimpers of despair.
red riding hood, so young, mother said be wary dear,
there are dangers in the woods for you to fear
but Red cast her mothers words aside
when she met her wolf, she wanted to mount, to ride
no fear, no reserve Red slips off her crimson cape
I'm yours my wolf, not to eat, but here for you to take
wolf so sly, so good inside, led her off the path
hear him growl when he takes her, hear her wanton laugh.
Red riding hood sleeps alone tonight, in the cold of her room
but listen carefully Red my sweet, wolves are howling at the moon
again you'll lie in fur warm arms and be with the wolf soon.

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