Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dear Heart 3rd poem

Dear Heart,
       We spoke in heated terms last time
I'm sorry for being so hard, but remember I am yours and you are mine.
There's no stopping you I see
If you're broken again, don't come crying to me
I warned you once, I'll warn you again
There are devils amoung us, they're called men.
They string you up and throw you down
They drop you from a height and leave you to drown.
This is different I hear you say,
Why? How? Is this why I can't make you stay?
"This is raw, it's different, it's real"
Well how can I argue with that? If that's the way you feel.
I can feel you beating faster, at just the mention of a name
 So this is it, it's true, you're jumping back in the game
I'll let you go, but armour up, I still don't trust this path your on
I'd kiss you goodbye, but I fear it's too late, it didn't take long
you were lost with the fire, you were found with the key,
this might be where you belong, not with me
Tread carefully dear one, this is a new and wonderful path you're on
I'd say goodbye and wave you off, but it is too late, it always was, you're already gone.

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