Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fallen Fallen Fallen angel passage

The angel awoke in violent daylight, her flesh was cooled now, but the memory of the burning remained...Torture, hot red coals had been lain upon her bare flesh and heated her through to the core. The devil had lain within her, he had stirred himself in and out and she'd accepted with abandonment.
"Where is God now? I cannot face him again. The essence of the devil ran through me and poured out marking me as his own, marking the bed sheets. I'm sorry my lord, for I have sinned. The devil has taken me for his own."

Angel's memory is burned too, a searing pain like a branding knife touching her, ripping her pushing in invading, the pain was hot and hard and the lust confused it, more, but it hurts, take the pain it's worth it to be so full with heat.

Oh Angel it aches now doesn't it, poor sweetheart, God won't have sympathy for you, wash yourself angel your pussycat is tainted with come and the memory of sex. Breathe angel, the ache will pass, you'll want more soon enough.

The Angel couldn't wait long, a day at the most.
"I want more. I need to be full again, I want my wolf inside me."
Yes...yes...More, I'm yours. I'm yours to command.

There's a bite mark on her inner arm, the flesh brusied brown with passion, oh no angel your demon did not hurt you, you fool you bit yourself, you took your own flesh between your teeth and bit down hard to stop from screaming. You may muffle your cries angel but God still hears, he hears you murmer his name over and over but not in prayer,  he hears your wanton call and your thoughts are loudest of all. You tainted whore, you let the wolf take you like a dog, you wanted to beg for still do.

"I want my wolf again, I cannot sit here without the thought of being taken and pushed and pulled running through my head. I am a lady of the West but I've stepped down from grace, take me again wolf, screw me your own way."

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