Wednesday, 17 April 2013

intimate scene 3 Angel up a wall

Angel spreads her wings it's that time of night, the devil he lingers just a minute more.
 Ready for sleep upon a cloud
but then suddenly pushed up against a wall, a sigh out loud.
Angel's knees buckle, she'd fall without the devils arms.
 Feathers pressed against the wall, oh god forgive me I cannot say no.

Never mind your trembling thighs child, you fell a while ago,
I feel the heat rise up from you, God will feel it too.
Hot mouths press together, unrestrained, laced with sin.
Take me now for gods sake the angel could beg aloud,
it's time to leave angel stop this now!

Oh I can't, push your hand in... the claws of the devil slip in, so wet,
 so wanton, place me back on that bed?
Oh christ I can't breathe, my legs are weakening,
I can't stand much longer, lift me up, take me to hell,
 I want to burn, I want to die in sin...
It's time to go's time to leave.
Stop these thoughts, stop this need.

The Angel is aching, her pussy weeps, her feathers are damp so is inside,
 a lamp post: press me up it, an ally: take me into it,
 jesus christ get away from me before I lose everything.

Angel you've changed, where is God now? He's watching you, oh you fell so hard.
Inside alone, this is no home, hell is home now, not these cold walls.
 I want my fire, I want my wolf...a finger of mine alone is no good,
 I need a paw, I need strength. Angel sleep, it's time to kneel and pray....
I won't! Angel says, I won't pray tonight,
one thing the white one would have kneeled for, tonight and that wasn't to pray.
Thump the pillows, curse outloud,
 for you are wanton, you've truly left your cloud.

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