Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dear Heart, 2nd poem 5th April

Dear Heart,

 It’s been another long time since we spoke,

I hear you’re thinking of going on a journey…don’t!

I only just got you back; it took so long to find all the scattered pieces and parts

You don’t know but I certainly do, you can’t go around buying new hearts

A little lust is one thing, happiness is another,

But going away for a while is not a good idea.

I see you’re packed. You’re ready to leave

That’s what they do, they leave, don’t you see?

We’ve been through this before, stop it now you hear!

All that time meant nothing, you’re finally free

I don’t want to see you hurt again, please don’t leave me.

Last time you beat so softly, hardly at all

What if it happens all over again? It only won’t if you don’t let me fall.

Sweetheart of mine, I put you behind those walls for your own good

I thought you of anyone would have understood

My needle is blunt, my thread so bare

I cannot mend you again as well, so do take care.

Forever your guardian, I’ll watch over you do you hear?

Yours, Miss Sian Amy Siviter




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