Friday, 26 April 2013

Gemini and wolves

I'm a Gemini, which means I'm adaptable to any situation. I will thrive anywhere with anyone, I will change myself to suit anything. Over night my opinions can change, they can twist and warp and disapear. When a wolf pack has more than one alpha male and female they branch off, they start their own packs, a pack cannot survive in cramped conditions when they're are more than the chosen two leaders. You need to back off, to mark your own territory. When a pack is threatened they join ranks, but when wolves are forced upon one another in a cage they will fight it out, it's nature.

I sometimes wonder why God make humans to be pack mammals, why do we gather and huddle? Birds have their young, and then they fly off. Hundreds of species survive alone, why do human's naturally form attachments and live in packs? Is it for survival, really? Because if so I think the system is flawed...if we were threatened we'd rally together for survival, but day to day, it was never a good idea... to put wolves in a cage. You end up loving and that means you're weakened. You end up clawing at each other, and that weakens you. If we're a pack we need to breathe and share the air we have best we can, we can't start ripping each other up, in the hope we'll survive better alone. God put us together. Destiny made our situations so we were forced together even when the time came to branch away we did not. When the zombies attack, or the delayed 2012 happens, if we don't have each other what will we fight for?
There's only one way to keep a bird down...take away it's wings.
If you do that it will die eventually, or it will live and resent you.
I won't take anyone's wings, I won't let anyone hold mine down...
I have a year to work this out in my mind, until then there are only two things I'm certain of: I was born to write and fly, my book is my soul.
and the second thing, I'm keeping to myself a little while longer ,because although I'm sure about it, it's too quick, it's too scary.

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