Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dear Heart 1st poem February 1st

           (Love this image from google. Really shows pain and breakage in a beautiful way)

Dear Heart,
It’s been a while. We’ve both got catching up to do,
I heard you had an accident, hell we’ve both been through a lot
But now it’s time to ride out this storm, we’ve got cracks to mend; me and you
I can hear you saying as you did before ‘fix up your makeup girl
It’s just another break up, nothing we can’t handle.”
Now it’s time for me to turn to you, and say “pull yourself together”
Now don’t go rushing to another, you beat for me you hear!
Now I’m going to pull you through, got to keep it together
Giving up is easy but you and I were raised better.
I’m signing off now, will speak to you soon, but I promise this isn’t the end
Forever here, your devoted and honest friend
-Miss Sian Amy Siviter

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