Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Arthritis poem

The plague, that thrives in my blood
has declared war once again upon its unwilling host
demonstrating its acute hatred of this vessel brilliantly.
No nook or cranny is left un-abused.
The system within me forged to protect
is manipulated by this disease
           attack, plunder, turn against me.
warped from the inside and crippled, I am defenceless,
this rapist invades and assaults me from within
where I cannot see the damage
but I feel the pain, oh yes you ensure I feel the pain.
The unknowing eye, I am a submarine: impenetrable
There is no cut, no bruise, no scar.
Where did this plague enter? When there is no mark?
It came with me from the womb, we we're together from the start
This plague and I are as one.
Stiff, locked, I cannot walk without stumble
I cannot move without creak
so brittle are my bones, you eat away at the connecting tissue
you leave nothing for me.
My own body has been convinced that I am the enemy:
 a foreign body that needs to be destroyed.
the plague, that thrives in my blood
we two have been close companions these many years past
and you and I shall go on together until I die and take you with me
You have tormented me, you have attempted to break me,
and each time you fail, you sleep once more, lying dormant within me
until accident or cold, or malicious intent of your own awakens you
Chronic as you are, from each other we can never be free
and I shall accept your torment daily,
for though it is my body that jails you
you are the captor of me.

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