Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Ideal Valentines day

I'm rather more bothered by the excuse to get laid on valentines day than receiving any cheap junk or an expensive meal. I'd be extremely pleased with steak and kidney pie and chips, some cake and a little while later sex and an episode of the walking dead.
Or a Fourways Curry (the Fourways is a pub near us that do amazing Indian food!), Or sex first then the curry! Sex, curry, "48 hours" Eddie murphy movie, great movie! Maybe sex again?? Against the wall, then on all fours on the bed, then a slice of cake and a cup of tea. Of course I'm not making the tea, I am snuggling Jerome who is appreciating my new underwear. Maybe we've lost the underwear by this point, then I'm definitely getting in the onesie, This to me sounds like one hell of a fantastic plan! I have new underwear damn it, and by my own proclamation all underwear garments must be christened and see some action if they are to be deemed worthy enough for my wardrobe. I'd murder a fourways curry.

Steak and blowjob day, we've all heard of that surely? Well I am more than happy to comply with the rules of the calendar, "Was that enjoyable darling? Oh good, well now you sit there darling and relax, I'll put the wrestling on and then I will go and griddle pan your steak."
 Yeah I'm happy to do that, but first...Where's my valentines day card bitch! Sex, curry, movie!
Last valentines day I was single, Christ. I went on a date that was a flop, oh well, I still got to watch Bruce Willis kick some ass in the new Die Hard. This year I feel its my right as a woman to expect more, Sex, curry, movie. Ok I'll even drop the curry, Just the sex, Then make me sandwich and I'll be happy with that. Sex, sandwich, movie, sex. I've worked myself up into this plan now.

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