Monday, 4 March 2013

2. Dirty Dancing, at the theatre

I always wanted to go to the theatre, it sounds so very upper class and I always imagined it was a well to do leisure. When I heard Dirty Dancing ( a fantastic film) had come to theatre in the Birmingham Hippodrome I was determind to go. I asked my sister in law Chrissie, tickets would be £55 for the seats I looked at and she instantly said Yes definitely!

 Neither of us had ever been before and it was exciting walking in. The actual theatre room itself was beautiful, very 'upper class' 'posh' lol us commoners were in awe. Now I have to say, I chose and booked the seats on the computer, and I picked some of the best seats! We were in the circle, so raised and looking down and we were right at the front and smack bang in the middle of the row, our view was fantastic.

The show was in a word 'amazing' I've never enjoyed watching something so much. The singing and dancing and the way they led the eyes where they wanted during scene changes and the whole thing was just incredible. It wasn't just a good version of the movie, it was better than the film! Johnny was gorgeous, a hunk that I would have leapt across the seats to get at. The sex scene was so well done, just enough heat and sexiness and then dimming of light as they lay on the bed practically naked. ok it was like it was turning into a porn but they turned it off at the right moment, I was having a hot flush. Chrissie and me were a fit of giggles, and the intermission took place then. It was a bloody good job, I needed a minute to cool down. It was so hot!

The entire experience was truly amazing, it was such a pleasure to watch and I'd love to go again and see other things. Definitely got a 10/10 review from me.

Here's my beautiful sister in law Chrissie by the poster. :-)

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