Monday, 4 March 2013

Girl Giggles

Girls will understand this, that feeling, for some reason you're trying to hold it back, but it's almost, no! oh here it is! Giggles. Laughter is one thing, giggles are another. Giggles give you a feeling of complete joy and merriment. Whether you're three or sixtyfive, or I imagine even nearly dead when that feelings hits there's no stopping it.
A girly joke, thats a big one. Amy, one of my best friends gives me the giggles all the time when it's just us two, sometimes just from reading a text from her makes me fall into a fit of laughter.
An awkcard/serious situation where the last thing you should be doing is laughing, like your brothers wedding ceremony exchanging of the vows, trying to smuggle a giggling fit into a smile of pleasure is not a good experience.
But the best type of giggles comes from that tingly feeling, you know the one. The feeling that only comes from those moron, irritating, jack ass, gits that we put up with; Men. It's their strongest redeeming feature...the ability to overwhelm a woman with this feeling, call it what you will the light, the glow, the's a tingly feeling that tickles all over your skin, it rises up and touches your heart and sets you alight, a red hot blush, a catch of breath, and then a giggle. Erupting, bubbling, a champaign glass of pleasure.

A secret whisper in your ear, the tickle of fingers on your knee, a smile meant just for you, or a compliment that widens your eyes and soars up inside. To blush crimson in a room all alone, holding a secret to yourself, a moment of disbelief before a giggle rush. Arnt we have supposed to have grown out of this? Do we ever? It's that feeling that make girls do things they never dreamt of, it leads to joy, to pain, to sin. For better or for worse. It is not a man that leads a woman, it is the feeling he gives her.

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