Monday, 4 March 2013

Breasts and Bra's

An odd thing to blog about but I've been studying all night and wanted something light hearted to end my day with. When I was 12, I was frankly obbsessed with breasts. Only my own!! Not everybody's haha. I was flat as road kill but there were other girls in the year who already had bra's. I prayed for breasts. To God! I lay in bed and wished for breasts. When I finally started wearing  a trainer bra, a god awful piece of white cotton from Marks and Spencers, well at first I wouldnt wear it. It was my my brothers girlfriend Stacey who changed that, she giggled with me about it and said if I didn't wear a bra my 'boobs' would grow saggy, and no body wanted saggy boobs.
Jesus no I didnt! so then I'd never take the damn thing off, I even slept with it under my pillow for a good year praying that it would bring luck and I'd one day have a decent pair.
I was fourteen when I first went out and bought my own underwear set with my own money. Mum wouldnt have allowed what I bought if she'd been there. It was the most daring thing I'd ever done at that age. I remember it perfectly, a balcony bra, hot pink and black lace, black satin like straps and a thong to match. Yes a thong! Mum would have freaked. I went to the counter with a bright red face. It wasn't until a week later when I'd done my washing and hung it out to dry that I heard mum.
"Sian! Here a minute!"
I went down, she was standing with one hand on her hip the other held up, and dangling from one finger like a diseased tissue was my thong.
"What do you call this?"
"There's nothing even there, it's a scrap! What if your dad saw this?"
"So what? I'm old enough to pick what I want to wear now. I'm becoming a woman, he's got to accept it! It probably wont be long before I have sex an all !" -(LOL what a joke! I had a bit of an attitude back then)
"You'll be doing no such thing madam! Not under this roof, and if you think that matt's going in your room now you can think again!"
"I wont be under this roof!" I shouted back "I'll have it off on the grammar like everybody else!"
hahahaha. now that was a line! I never would, I was brought up a lady, but mums face!! hahaha. She wouldnt take the risk, we were allowed in my room, not that she had to worry anyway! Her values and upbringing had rubbed off on me more than either of us thought.
So anyway, I eventually turned 18 and quite suddenly, woo hooo!! Check that out! My bra's were too tight and I had gone up a whole level in the sizes. I got on my knees and said my thanks to God. :-) prancing about my bedroom in new underwear, haha Oh yeah! Great feeling. :-) Gotta love your boobs if you've got them! I waited a long time for my set of twins so I'll damn well love them! :-)
Let's refrain from detailing how fantastic they are but yeah, I love them, I got a decent pair. No flesh tones or dishwater greys for me, nothing comes into this cupboard unless it's gorgeous, lacy, satin art work! Anything else would be an insult. haha

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