Monday, 25 March 2013

Dream Diary

University requested us to write a dream diary, so here's what I dreamt and remembered and noted down a few weeks ago. Oh, I dream two different sorts of dreams, they're usually like films, sometimes I'm watching the film like an invisible presence, and sometimes I'm active and present in the dream/film. I will state which one it is.

Night One: I was in the dream and on the back of a motorbike, the sound of the engine dominated the dream. There was lots a green I assume we were in the countryside. I couldn't see the rider but I knew I was there by choice. It wasn't until there was a gap in the trees that I saw where we were going, it was a large manor house, featured in the television series of Pride and Predjudice, the building was Pemberley.

Night Two: I was in the dream. There was a bird in my house. It was trapped upstairs and me being me I freaked and ran down the stairs away from the bird that was wildly flapping around, now it was in the high parts of the landing. I slammed the living room door, wondering how to get the bird out of the house but couldnt think of anything. I was upset that the bird was trapped. I woke up feeling very out of sorts, and I knew I'd had this dream twice before, maybe more.

Night Three: Nothing

Night Four: I was watching the dream. A younger version of myself was sitting on top of my shed, I must have been about ten because I only started going on the shed roof with Tom and we were about ten then. Tom wasn't there though, The Keyholder was there, on the ground (his age now) he was calling for little Sian to come down and she was refusing.

Night Five: I was in the dream. At work. Wasn't a very long or interesting dream.

Night Six: I was in the dream. Nightmare. I was trapped in the car on a driving lesson. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't open the windows or doors. I felt sick, I was going to suffocate. I woke up in a hot sweat.

Night Seven: Greg was in the house, he was talking about the kettle. That was it.

Night Eight: I was watching the dream. Me (age now) was on a bed, it was a sex dream, bit blurry. No really can't remember what was occurring, but there was country music in the background. lol

Night Nine: I was watching the dream. It was black and white but a younger version of myself was drowning. I couldn't jump in, I can't swim. Little Sian was only fiveish, hair was blonde (it didn't darken until I was older). Little Sian was clawing at the water spluttering, I had to go in. I jumped in and sank instantly, now I was clawing at the water. I was drowning. Little Sian was then standing wet on the bank, how did she get out? I didn't know but it was too late now. I woke up.

Night Ten: I was in the dream. Me and Bruce Willis were shooting up some shopping mall chasing bad guys. I woke up and went back to sleep thinking about it and carried on the dream, I dived into an elevator, and for some reason I was ok I wasn't freaking out or uncomfortable I was reloading a gun, (I do not know how to load a gun) but I snapped part of it closed and when the doors opened I was on the headset to Bruce. I woke up again and couldnt get back to sleep. Damn, good dream.

Night Eleven: I was watching the dream. Keyholder was there again. Younger me again, about three or four, my nieces age. Little Sian ran from him, crying, and ran straight into a mans legs, who picked little Sian up. I watched this but couldn't see the person. It was probably my brother but I'm not sure. 

Night Twelve: Can't remember. It dissapeared instantly when I woke up.

Night Thirteen: I was in the dream. Sex dream. On the same bed as before, dark room, great hands on me. Always ends quickly.

Night Fourteen: I was in the dream. I was driving and crashed the car.

Night Fifteen: I was watching. Little me about five was screaming in bed, knees bent and locked from arthritis. Leo the lion was next to her useless. I must have been young. She couldn't move, it hurt. Little Sian was screaming for Mum and she came running in half asleep and rubbed my legs calming me down until they straightened and stopped hurting so much.

Night Sixteen: I was watching the dream. Little me about five again (I'm always about five) was screaming and crying, somebody had locked her in a cupboard. I watched Daffodil (My new favourite person) come and open the door and little Sian clung to his legs. He picked her up and sat her on a motorbike (I dream about motorbikes a lot but it makes a little bit of sense here) and while sitting there little me turned into present day me. That was it.

So in conclusion, so far I am thinking that One: I'm a weirdo with weird dreams. Two: I have issues with inner child or some crap or other, and Three: What's with the bird!!?

Night Seventeen:I was in the dream. Needed to dye my hair. That was it.  

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