Thursday, 7 March 2013

A tingle. First date with Jones

A bubble bath, the careful and precise glide of a razor, moisturise, dry hair, try and do something with hair, fail, leave hair down, makeup minimal, lipstick on, change mind- rub lipstick off, tights on, tights off, 1st dress, 2nd dress, tights back on, 3rd dress, 4th dress, back to 1st, settle with 3rd, perfume, bag, should I have put more makeup on? -Too late now.
Rain, it had to rain, wrong restaurant, right restaurant, great music, don't talk too much Siviter! Don't be silent, just relax, have a drink, don't spill food, don't spill food, why did waitress have to come when my mouth is full, get chatty with waitress, stop talking to the waitress Siviter! Don't knock anything over,  talk talk talk talk talk, crap we're gonna be late for the film :-) movie, dorky glasses, favourite seats :-) talk talk talk, so easy to talk :-) Don't over talk!.........

Home, a secret gift.....hmmm, now that's what you call a tingle.

It’s after midnight, and the dress is off

But the Cinderella magic remains, inside a silver box.

A white knight came riding, on a horse of steel and chrome

He stole back what once was mine, and really I should have known

It didn’t take a glass slipper, or a fairytale to make me smile,

Just a little silver box and a message worthwhile.


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