Monday, 4 March 2013

"I'm a doer not a dreamer"

"I'm a doer not a dreamer"
 That's what I said once, I said it to the Key Holder, during an argument actually. I won't describe the details but sitting crossed legged on my bed I felt a little empty.
"It's just a hobby."
What? My writing is just a hobby? How could my passion, my very essence be pushed aside so easily? Do my dreams make me stupid? Is that what you thought?
"It would be nice if you did, but it's most likely you won't ever get published."

Well now I'll say this. I will get published. I will do the things I want to. I will thrive, and i'll be damned! if I let anyone tell me otherwise. Even you.

I wrote my list that day, most of it had always been in the back of my mind but now I decided to put it on paper. There is a road I've been on since as far back as I can remember, a road of freedom, of pure, passionate life. I wouldn't let that go to be the girl that lives in the street down the road, has three kids, a hated job and a crumpled piece of paper that got thrown away but never forgotten. In the back of my mind I thought I'll do this with or without you, and deep down  knew it would be the latter.

A week later I booked and paid a deposit to do my Sky Dive. I didn't even tell anybody until the confirmation came through. It changed for you then didn't it Key Holder? I think it did. When you realised I would do everything I dreamt of and you couldnt change that. We certainly went in a downward spiral after that day, so don't deny it didnt have some bearing. The sky dive was first on my list because I'd thought about it since I was in primary school, it was the one solid thing I'd always wanted to do, it was also one of the most seemingly unreachable in my eyes. If I did this, I'd do everything.

My list will undoubtably gain new things as I go along, and get new ideas. I am keeping a scrapbook that shall express my creativity, documenting my adventures and with every page, the wonderful life I will live will be collected and stored. When I am old and I am fading, I will have this book to look back on and know that I did well in this life. I hope I eventually have children who will also appreciate its contents and be inspired from it.

So I don't forget when times are dull, rough, at a stand still, or just busy, I have framed and mounted my sky dive certificate, it watched me from the wall and it reminds me that I have a list and anything is achievable.

Here's the list...I've marked the ones already done with # hash tag and will continue to edit to show my progress to the world. It's in no particular order, I will do what I am able to whenever I can, there's no time limit or pattern to this list. I certainly don't intend to do any of these things in any particular order.

My Bucket List

1.     Sky Dive #

2.     Skinny Dipping

3.     Swim with Dolphins

4.     Be in a movie

5.     Send a message in a bottle

6.     Fall in love #

7.     Write and finish my novel

8.     Move out of parents house

9.     Grow an apple tree

10.                         Enter into a bakery competition

11.                         Join the W.I-Women’s Institutional

12.                         Ride in a hot air balloon (Bristol international Balloon festival) #

13.                         Go to the theatre #

14.                         See a music concert, a performer live

15.                         Do the James Bond thing, Place a bet in Vegas, maybe win big time in a bong girl dress

16.                         Go fishing

17.                         Scuba dive on ‘the great barrier reef’ Australia

18.                         Be like crocodile Dundee, have a walk-a-bout in the Australian Bush

19.                         Go on safari

20.                         A good real Camping trip

21.                         Visit the forest of Dean

22.                         Host a party #

23.                         Host a better party

24.                         Cook a really good Christmas dinner

25.                         Host a Christmas party (like the Kranks)

26.                         Christmas in New York

27.                         Paris and the Eiffel tower

28.                         South of France

29.                         Pyramids of Egypt

30.                         Statue of liberty

31.                         Stone Henge

32.                         The Grand Canyon

33.                         Coliseum in Rome

34.                         Great wall of China

35.                         Northern Lights

36.                         Have my fortune told

37.                         Lose Virginity #

38.                         Smoke #

39.                         Horse riding #

40.                         Get married, (Hopefully!) with a small but beautiful wedding

41.                         Get a tattoo-maybe :-/ probably not lol

42.                         Get a dog

43.                         Learn to drive

44.                         Graduate university

45.                         Publish something

46.                         Drive/ride down route 66

47.                         Trek America!

48.                         Streak, like they did in the 70’s, wearing an American flag

49.                         Work with elephants

50.                         Empire Estate building, (an affair to remember)

51.                         Eat Breakfast at Tiffneys (Audrey Hepburn)

52.                         Go Clubbing #

53.                         Watch the horse racing at Ascot, (wearing a hat, as they do)

54.                         Yorkshire dales, and three peaks

55.                         Notre Dame

56.                         Venice

57.                         London (Window Shopping, London eye, big ben, Buckingham palace, crown jewels)

58.                         Vote (in honour of the suffragettes, the women that fought for the right to vote.)

59.                         White cliffs of dover

60.                         “Sit on the dock of a bay, wasting time” –Otis Redding inspired this one

61.                         Have a baby

62.                         Buy a car

63.                         Ride in a yellow N.Y Cab

64.                         Do a murder mystery weekend and be like Marple and Poirot

65.                         Cut my hair #

66.                         Do well in GCSE’s#

67.                         See the stars from the desert

68.                         Solve the Labyrinth (Longleat Hedge maze)

69.                         Hever castle, Kent (Home of Anne Boelyn)

70.                         Quit a job

71.                         Abseil down a building

72.                         Take part in raising money for Charity #

73.                         Settle in a cottage/house somewhere in the countryside.

74.                         Grow and maintain a vegetable patch

75.                         Scotland

76.                         Be a model for a day

77.                         Ride on the back of motorbike on a day in the country #

78.                         Visit the Brontë museum (Haworth, North Yorkshire)#

79.                         Drink in Starbucks #

80.                         Clent Hills #

81.                         Paragliding

82.                         Buy mum a whole wardrobe of nice clothes

83.                         Learn how to make chocolate

84.                         Take the ‘waters’ in Bath

85.                         Sex in a car

86.                         Jane Austen’s Home Museum

87.                         Take a boat trip

88.                         Canoe down a river

89.                         Camping trip around Ireland, (Galway, Dublin, Cork, in a triangle)

90.                         Wicklowe national park

91.                         Hadrian’s wall

92.                         The lizard peninsula, cornwall

93.                         Ullwater and place fell, lake district

94.                         Malvern hills

95.                         Fitzwilliam museum

96.                         Museum of wizardology, stratford-upon-avon

97.                         Disney land!

98.                         Windsor castle

99.                         Go in a shark tank

100.                   Do another skydive, but with somebody this time

101.                   Take a scenic train journey

102.                   Host a masquerade ball

103.                   Build a time machine

104.                   Go back in time lol

105.                     Rock Climbing #

106. Visit Land's end, Cornwall

107. Visit Clovelly, Devon

108. Visit the Lake District, Cumbria

109. Cast a large wiccan circle for a pagan festival with a gathering of people

110. Grow a vegetable patch I can be proud of.

111. own a micro pig
112. Visit Agatha Christie Home: Greenway
113. Visit Pemberley

114. Do a girly spa visit-just for the fun of it.

115. Learn to swim, stop being afraid of water and drowning.  


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