Sunday, 10 March 2013


So very British, the ritual of offering, making, serving and drinking that brown bitter-sweet water that warms the tummy and settles the mind. I myself am a little obsessed with it all. I love English tea, I take mine with two sugars levelled on the spoon' and with milk- a medium shade of brown, the tea must, I repeat MUST be hot as coals, I like it to almost burn when I drink it. In recent weeks those two sugars have turned into two sweeteners, :-( really does not have the same kick but I was consuming 8 spoons of sugar a day in study weeks. The tea bag cant be your any old pocket of trash, it has to be for me...either on a special occasion...Twining's, have you seen those adverts!! Woah! If that doesn't make you want to here the bubble of boiling water nothing will...or because I'm poor, it's generally Typhoo. I can't be dealing with PG...or Tetley. Yuck.

I find the whole process of brewing the tea relaxes me and it helps me to concentrate, I get my best ideas when I have a cup of tea in my hand, especially when accompanied with a china plate holding a little cake; a French fancie, a cupcake, an E'clair. Hmmmmm.
But really, tea always tastes better when it's done the proper way, and brewed in a teapot. Not a modern day metal god awful creation, but a china crockery tea pot, round and smooth and preferably wearing a knitted jumper (a tea cosy). That's the way it should be brewed, and it ought to be served in a teacup and saucer. Oh yes, that's just perfect isnt it?

Tea isn't just nice on a chilly day when you've blown in from the wind, it's enjoyable on a summer evening sat in the fading warmth outside on my wall. :-) I definitely like tea too much lol. But another really nice thing is when you don't have to make it yourself, my Mr Jones is a darling when it comes to making cups of tea.

Tea, Yum! I don't like coffee, tea is our signature, it's our right. If you don't offer tea you're rude, if you refuse tea you're equally rude. haha. I'm just old fashioned, I'd drink a vile cup of tea when visiting simply to be polite...It's happened. It was like dishwater.

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