Sunday, 3 March 2013


Jimevra, is my other character. He is my minds ideal.

"Jim was broad shouldered and skimmed just over six feet, his thick hair was plastered to his skull and edged around his neck. Extremely good looking, with handsome features and a trim waist, narrow hips and hardened chest"

I'd describe Jim as quiet, strong, so strong, and intense but with a easy laughable smile. He has a commanding force but is gentle with it.  His desire for Grace is deep and hot, their connection throughout the book is spiritual, sexual and pyhschological with different aspects of these things surfacing through the books. Grace returns the same feelings but she often fights them, her fear of imprisionment means she feels suffocated by the connection and at one point breaks from Jim while trying to fight the pull to him which results in drastic conseqences. Jim has a dark side which is embedded inside him from his roots, this darkness is hinted at and Grace is aware of it but until the 2nd book it's not clear what or where this shadow comes from nor how strong it is in comparison to Jim's good side. If you read my book I suggest you take every character of mine with a pinch of salt, because they twist and turn a lot and Jim isnt all he seems.

"Jim watched, an amused smile playing on his lips as Grace tanked across the moors. He had known that she would run."

I have attempted to draw Jim but it's proved impossible so far, I will not give up on trying to portray him on paper but so far I've had no success.

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