Saturday, 2 March 2013


My youngest brother Gregory, is ten years my senior. I love and idolise him on a scale slightly above anyone else in my family. He's a bit of an arrogant, jack ass sometimes, but he's also hilarious! And infectious. When Greg walks into a room the atmostphere instantly lights up a bit brighter. Maybe thats just my oppinion. I value his advice and oppinion above anyone elses, life or death situations I'd rely on his word. If a hundred people said yes and Greg said no, I'd say no. It's partly because of this that I curse myself now, for Greg never took well to the Key Holder, and the Key Holder never took kindly to my brother. That should have been the first sign, rather than listen to my brothers subtle hints and follow his pushing I instead struggled to find arguments against his points in my own mind. I didn't push the two together because really I knew the truth...Greg was right, and the Key Holder was lacking.

If I was to lose anyone it would hurt, but to lose Greg would devastate me. Crying in front of Greg is my biggest irritant. I hate it. I can break down to James at any given point but I don't like Greg to see the weakness in me. I want to make him proud more than anyone else, I model myself on him, I steal his jokes and make them my own in our different circles. Granted there are of course moments in time when he pisses me off, he can be such a thoughtless twat sometimes, but the longest I can manage away is a week. He's one of my best friends.

I love his wife like the sister I wasnt given. Stacey, I was afraid of for the first few years of her being a part of gregs life, but then I grew used to her ways and her tone and I found I could actually give it back as I got it. Stacey told me about periods, she convinced me to wear trainer bras, she was the cool and sturdy older sister i'd always wished for. I know I can tell Stacey anything, and I know she'll tell Greg but thats ok because I'd tell him too. :-) She is my fierce guardian, you dont mess with her, and if I needed someone for battle it would be her. I'm glad two such wonderful people are sharing their lives together, and that they share parts of it with me.

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