Friday, 8 March 2013

a Patch of Daffodils

I wrote this, I think actually, at the same time a poem for me was written, as if we both had the same inspiration at the same time. However I didnt have the nerve to publish mine, I meant to keep it to myself and forget it but really a poem for a poem sounds just right. So here it is.

A Patch of Daffodils


There’s a patch of daffodils growing in my garden,

First, just one sprouted up, but now there are loads of them.

Some are weak foundlings struggling to reach the light

Others are strong and tall, a very welcome sight.

I like my patch of daffodils they’re sweet for a little while

But in the end their petals fade, and they end in a dead pile.

Spring is full of wonder, of things new and bright

But eventually the rain comes and the flowers cannot fight.

I notice now in my daffodil patch a little stem of green,

It’s strong and sturdy, how have I not seen

A little tree trying to grow, trying to touch the light,

Over shadowed by the daffodils, accepting of my slight.

With my trowel and water can, I shall help you along

My evergreen tree shall grow steady and strong

Its leaves do not fade. Its trunk survives the wind

It does not blow away in autumn and leave me weeping.

I had a patch of daffodils, pretty they may have been

But now I have an evergreen tree and it’s the best I’ve ever seen.




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