Monday, 18 March 2013

What a day!!!

So, today has been rather eventful...I rise up in a smashing good mood, because the sun is bright and beautiful through my window, this always puts me in a good mood. My cat, Dusty is curled up next to me and we both literally stretch and bend in the same movements soaking up the sun. My bed sheets tangle up around my feet where I kick them off my bare legs and rise feeling very vibrant indeed.
University didn't take long, having a quick tutorial with Ian and then I'm dashing across the road to the shopping park. I was only going to have a quick look in this shop, just a peek.....I end up buying 4 items unable to restrain myself from summer wear when the sun is so gorgeous! Then I get talked into signing up for their store card to get a 25% discount, honestly I'm so easy to persuade!! I drift into wilkinsons and come out with bathroom essentials and a tin of heavy paint, lugging my purchases onto the bus with the help of a very kind gentleman. :-) Thank you sir!!! I manage to make my way home without dropping anything wooo! Then Sian goes DIY again! Mum had left the house and I got my dad to sit quietly with a packet of pre bought jelly babies (really the only enjoyment in jelly babies is biting their heads off) With mum gone, I was so fast prepping and scrubbing the bathroom and coated the place in masking tape and the new colour...I wanted it to be a surprise and things are just easier with the parents out of my way. It looks pretty decent to be fair, although at the moment you can still see the stupid 'fake' blood splatters from halloween, another great Sian idea that was. But eventually it will come off-IT WILL COME OFF!

I'd picked up a few bathroom luxuries to make the place look inviting but now needed a cup of tea. No sodding tea bags!! Run over to the brothers to nick a few teabags. Jay Jay provides me with teabags then reveals what he found at work today...OMG!!! baby squirrels!!! 4 of them. He needs somebody to mother them..that somebody is me!! I am a mother, I am a squirrel mother. I love them. I am going to raise them, and love them, and let them live in my garden!!! :-) I rang Emily instantly to get her ass up to mine, she had to see these. They're so beautiful...I am going to blog about them seperately..Look out for photos!!
Now I have bootcamp in a minute and can't go looking like a scruff any more! Need to kick my ass into gear for fitness!!! wooo!!

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