Saturday, 2 March 2013

the hardship of growing up as a girl

When I was growing up only my mother said I was the most beautiful girl in the world, and of course I always thought back "you're the most beautiful woman in the world" so it made sense...but twelve is the most awful age to hit, puberty and school thrown together, who the hell came up with that idea!?
Breastless, pencil thin, plain and featureless, all the while struggling with suddenly realising these tall creatures smoking round the back of the geography classes were boys, and you liked them! One day your'e going along as normal then suddenly you're bleeding for five days and not dying, your chest is aching like a bitch as breast tissue desperately tries to fill the front of your pathetic trainer bra, you've gone chainsaw masacre on your legs with a razor, you're either gaining weight or losing it drastically, you're washing your hair obbsessively and crying at random intervals because 1 the jerk ripped up my christmas card! and 2 you're period is hurting and 3 YOU JUST NEED A CRY SOMETIMES OKAY YOU JACK ASS!!! Get the hell outta my room!!!!! slam door, slam again. Just leave me alone!! I hate my life. Yeah thats a thirteen year old damn right.

Feeling ugly at highschool is something you will always carry with you though, if you relate to this then I'll say two things....the girls who made school hell, the boys that egged them on. Yeah you know who I mean, you would have had them too. If you dont regonise these two groups then you were probably in them, thanks a bunch!

Okay so 'eighteen' came along, now theres an age full of potential :-) your figure has settled somewhat, Jesus Christ! when did these breasts turn up? seriously get me a racy red lace number because these darlings are touching nothing but the best from now on! You're suddenly being whistled at from vans on the road and people call you a woman, 'town' has become a new concept; a dancing, drinking, hell of a time and you're rocking like mad, slut dropping to music you dont even like. Home at 3 am, rolling into work or uni the next day at 8 am because you're hard core! and we're young and we can get away with this kinda of stuff. :-)

It certainly is a new feeling, confidence, where did it come from? oh yeah those smirnoffs I just tanked!

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