Friday, 8 March 2013


Over time I have gained and lost many friends, few of the people who have passed through my life have I chosen to keep. I have however collected a very particular, sometimes quite random set of friends who I hope and intend to keep for good.

Let's start with Amy. Amy is a puppy eyed, caring and damn well intelligent girl. She's my pigeon. I know Amy is clever and she does very well academically, the science element to our periodic table of personalities, but Amy is one of those good people that don't brag. Modesty is most definitely her virtue.

Darcy is a fierce crazy girl, she's the one I'd pull in if I wanted to do a robbery, or if we were going to spray paint some cow's house or something (not that we've done that!) but Darcy bloody would! She's an actress in the making, and without a doubt Darcy can leap into character and I love it.

Warren is Darcy's other half, but I value him separately as a friend as well as being my favourite couple. Warren's fun and is much like another brother to me, I feel like he offers the encouragement and guidance in the same way my older brothers do, both physically when he took me rock climbing and personally when I became single and unsure about myself. He and Darcy are a stormy, opposites attract couple but I think they're utterly wonderful together.

Emily, oh lord Em E Lyyyyyy! My weird and wonderful wolf girl friend. Emily is the most annoying, dramatic, out of hand half the time girl but she's my most dear friend. Emily is like a fully loaded ice cream sundae, you don't want it all the time, and it can be a bit messy, but when you want ice cream you want the big deal. I wouldn't give her up for the world.

Brett is an irritating, jack ass of a big mouth but I love him too. I know Brett's someone to rely on if needed and deep down he genuinely cares about his friends. I know he regards me and Amy highly, even if he doesn't say it. Many a time me and Amy have discussed whether someone will meet with Brett's approval because he's protective. I realised Brett was in my 'save from a fire' list when I saw him get very sick on a night out. I knew I was out of it a while myself, dancing and knocking back smirnoff's but I sobered instantly when Brett went outside. I was more worried than I would usually be and jumped into mum mode.

Alex is what I call a summer friend lol we see him the most at random weekends, and in the summer, when he's home from university. Alex is a protector too, he's funny and listens and has found himself a great girl, Katie, who's charming and suits him so well! She fits right in. :-)

Phil-leap is our cuddly bear of a friend. He's my favourite person to talk to when we all get together because we can joke and laugh but also have an in depth, serious conversation. It's refreshing.

I muddle and juggle between these lot, drifting and bouncing between a few others too. But it's these guys that hold the walls up of friendship for me. Each person mentioned here is caring, and loving, and funny as hell in their own way. My girls are each pretty and unique, each person has faults and values and I couldn't be without them now. The last six months have really made me appreciate my friends and I think I've grown closer to them all more recently than ever before. I fully intend to hold onto these people, they mean a lot to me. I'd go back in a fire for them, I'd take them in when homeless. I hope they know how much I appreciate them all.

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