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Mother don't read this. Another Intimate scene. -Self pleasure

Seriously mother get the hell off my blog, and don't read what you don't approve of. This is not the place for you to be.
 So this is a bit darker/hotter than the last one, but my writing teacher thinks it's near impossible to write intimate scenes that actually work. Fifty Shades begs to differ. I read a mills and boon book lately that inspired this passage, it's the same sort of scene but I made it modern day, so I am going on literature knowledge, if it's utter rubbish and doesn't do the job I apologise, and seriously me your experiences or something to see if I can get a real perspective to write about. Oh and Alex- I have not had sordid fantasies about you dude, I just love the name you've heard me say so before lol.

Self Pleasure

Catherine was giggling at a passage in her book, Alexander heard her and opening the door peeked in. She looked delicious, lying on her front, legs bare and kicking in the air, she had a top on and knickers, and socks he suppressed a laugh not very well. Catherine looked round and frowned but her face flushed,

“Don’t you knock?” she demanded making no attempt to cover her bare thighs

“Nope, not when the scene is so inviting.” Alex watched Catherine bite her lip a little before turning back to her open book.

“Go away, I’m reading.”

“One of those dirty books again?”

“No!” she cried indignantly-it was

“Bet it is.” He laughed and subtly flicking the lock silently he moved over to her. She ignored him as he leaned down and read over her shoulder, a particularly hot passage and he laughed. “I knew it.”

“It’s romance.” She justified

“Like hell. There’s only one reason girls read books like that, to get off.”

“You’re disgusting.” She meant it too, he was, but she liked it all the same. Alex sat watching her as she tried to continue reading; she was warm from the book, warm from his gaze and wished he’d leave.

“What do you use Cathy?” he murmured after a minute

“I don’t know what you mean.”-She did

“Come on tell me, I’d like to know so I can imagine you doing it.” He grinned down at her and started listing possibilities, “A toy maybe? I don’t see that about you, just your fingers?” still no reaction from her “some women I’ve known grind themselves up something, is that more on the right track?” biting his tongue to stop laughing Alexander watched the blood red flush rise up the back of her neck and stain her cheeks, bingo! She may act the lady and in her innocence she was, but she was as wanton as a brothel whore, that’s why she read those books. “So that’s it, you rub yourself subtly against something…your hand? This bed?”

“Alexander I’m not discussing this.”

“You’re not reading either. I can see your eyes have been on that same sentence this whole time.” By now he’d moved to lie beside her and pressed closer under the pretence of reading the page. Catherine felt the warm strength of his body and did the best to ignore it.

“Go away.”

“Not a chance.” Alex scooped up a handful of her hair and pushing it aside lay his mouth on her skin, so softly he dragged his lips over her and reluctantly Catherine’s eyes drifted closed. Her hands became loose on the book but Alex tutted “look at how easily you lose concentration” he teased “go on, read aloud to me.” Catherine tried to breathe normally and began reading but the effort was too much, her skin was tingling and when she reached a dirty word her voice choked and Alex’s hands came around her possessively. “You know, it’s much more fun when someone helps you along.” He said seductively and Catherine let the book drop resting her head against its cover.

“What are you going to do?”

“I want to see how you make yourself come, I’m going to watch you.”

“No!” she cried out, she was not letting him see her like that.

“Oh yes you are, I’ll help you. Here…” taking a small throw cushion he brought it between her legs, “let’s wedge this under you and you’ll have a little more to feel then.”

“No, Alex, I can’t”

“Yes you can.” Alex pushed the cushion beneath her and still running his hands up her bare legs he moved up to her lace covered bum and pressed her down, Catherine gasped at the tingle she felt from the pressure between her legs and Alex held himself above her helping her along. She tried resisting a few times but finally the seduction was too much and she rocked her hips and felt the pleasure rising, her rear end pressed up into Alex’s crotch with each movement and he felt her body growing hotter, it was heating him through. Catherine bit into the bed covers and muffled her noises and he moved away as she came, afterwards Catherine looked tumbled and tousled and embarrassed. Alex tried not to laugh but failed, he wondered if there was anything he couldn’t get her to do, she was his to lead.

“I can’t believe I did that.” She looked mortified at her own desire

“I knew you would, you’re not so reserved as you act sometimes.”

“You’re a jerk!” –he was

Alex laughed again, his own need still throbbing in a hard almost painful way in his jeans. Getting up he tossed the  pillow aside and grinned down at Catherine still looking confused and dazed. “Where are you going?” she demanded. Alex leant down slowly and kissed her surprisingly gentle,

“I’m going back to my room, I’m going to think about what you just did for me, and I’m going to wank over you.”

Catherine made a noise of disbelief

“Come and have me!” she called out suddenly desperate as he reached the door, Alex smiled to himself. He had her.

“Not yet sweetheart.”

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