Friday, 1 March 2013

Never read about myself

I write about people all the time, they don't know, I change names and things like that but I pick people up and drop them into my writing all the time. The man from the bus with the salt and pepper hair, facebook folk, friends, sexy guy from the shop, rude taxi driver....but it got me thinking, I've never known anyone to write about me. Hmmm would I be an interesting character to read about Would I like myself? I'd really like to see myself through someone elses eyes, another persons interpretation of me! You relate to characters all the time. I'm so that person in a random shop who starts bawling across the customers to my friend looking at a sales rack "Emily! Emily this is totally my song, I love this tune! It's exactly how I am!" to which she replies running enthusiastically across the isle
"Oh my god! me too! I love this song!"
and we progress to singing the current verse, well into the chorus and then leave the shop without having really looked at anything. But really you dont go in shops to look around, you go in so you can hear the latest Taylor Swift and say "Lets just stay in here until the end." Yes we're hated by many.

So point: If something really was written about me, other than some rant about annoying girl in River Island, I wonder what it would say. Hmmmm

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