Sunday, 3 March 2013

T.V and me

Believe it if you will but two years ago I never watched T.V. I hadn't watched T.V for a good two years. DVD's yes of course but not channels. Reason being I'm poor and didnt have one of those little boxes and my television wouldnt work the 5 main channels. It didnt bother me, I was perfectly happy with the odd movie now and then, but I've always preferred music to T.V anyway. When my wonderful sister in law and brother bought me a black box and I fitted it in I didnt know where to start. The soaps were not coming into my life, and day time televison only says one thing to me "get to work, or get looking for a job!"

I dont watch the news at all, I don't like reality with its misery, I certainly dont half care about the stuff going on unless it directly effects my family or friends. So what was I to watch, I figured 'Charmed' had long since been taken off the air, but I found a few things eventually. Jamie oliver 30 minute meals, my god I could listen to that man talk for hours, he's so hot, and he talks about food like it all has feelings and personality, sod the dinner just put me on the counter! Yeah hot flush, woo!
 Midsomer Murders, John Barnaby hell yes, got to love a good murder and frankly if I was a few years older I wouldnt say no to Inspector Barnaby...I'm not like horny right now or anything I just like these two. haha.
Family Guy kind of sailed past me, the game shows I've never been able to stand, X factor..well, well! When did it go on stage? When did Sharon leave? I X'd that off right away haha geddit!
CSI. That was an old favourite...but no it's gone a little cruddy too. Took a while for me to start picking up on 'mock the week' 'would I lie to you?' LOL who knew such funny things were on so late at night. 'Not going out' another easy going show, 'Miranda' -oh my god HILARIOUS. 'Big Bang Theory' took me a while to accept and start to like but yeah, it's up there now. :-)

So i'm still out of the loop really where T.V is concerned, I'd always rather be sinking into a book or outside doing something rather than rotting away in front of brain dead shows but I've managed to gather a few favourites for bed time, just to help me drift off :-) I dont know why I chose to blog about this, after reflection it was totally pointless, or if I had a point I've forgotten it. oh well

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