Monday, 18 March 2013

Baby Squirrels

Today my brother James found baby squirrels around 2 weeks old and their nest had been destroyed completely. He rescued them and brought them home, (if left outside with no nest and no mother they would have died within a couple of hours) Jay wrapped them up and kept them in a box, then bringing my dad over the three of us agreed it would be easier for dad to raise and take care of them. Jay works too much, too hard and with three kids the responsibility is too much whereas dad has the time and space. So we have 4 baby squirrels, we believe they're all boys but unsure....I've named them: Henry, Roger, Bernie and Steve. :-) They've so far been safely tucked up in a box, in a cage with a covered waterbottle and coverings, and been watered and fed. :-) At this age they need help pooping and toileting, and need regular check ups. :-)

This is the site where Jay found the little ones.
Jay holding one the babies after finding them.
At home tucked in :-)
Henry, in my hand.

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