Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Apricots. Intimate scene

Sooo, 50 shades sold millions, I may not be the best person to be trying to write this stuff but at the end of the day, I am trying to be a writer, and up there with horror, fear and grief, passion and lust are some of the top emotions to feature in literature. People have said to me, 'You cant write what you haven't experienced' but at the end of the day, this is fiction. I want to be a good writer, I imagine a good writer can manipulate the reader with these emotions and to do that I must practice writing these elements. So this is my first real hard try at attempting an intimate scene, even this is cut short because I lost all ideas to be frank. But I got so far.


Ebony Bradford blew in on a gust of wind, wrestling the front door closed on the already dark evening she sighed in relief and shook a mass of tousled weather beaten hair out of the dorky hat she wore. Shedding three winter layers, wet boots and jeans she tip toed, her bare feet regretting the choice of tiles rather than carpet, and made her way into the kitchen. Jack was there brewing Ebony a drink already. His eyes subtly appreciated the long length of smooth leg exposed before reaching the nerdy knit jumper and suppressing a grin he thought only this woman’s legs could make that outfit look good. She hadn’t noticed, already wrapping her slightly damp hair around her fingers coiling it up so it sat neatly in a clip and shorter strands waved softly about her ears.

“Ooo you’re an angel” she sighed taking the steaming cup of tea, “Did you finish the skirting board?”

“Just about, the hallway still needs that banister sanding down, I’ll sort it tomorrow. Good day?”

“Hmm so so, girls at work were at each other’s throats. I picked up the wallpaper though it’s in the hall.”

The pair had bought the little house on the corner of the village square and despite the neighbours all being in and out of each other’s business and chatting never ending nonsense about charity fairs and church assemblies the couple had settled in quite happily. Every spare minute the couple had recently they spent decorating the little old house. Ebony heaved herself up to sit on the new kitchen counter and Jack caught the littlest hint of pink knickers winking at him before she crossed her legs demurely and his view was replaced by the shimmering stream of light that ran down the length of that endless leg. She jigged her foot unconsciously, fingering through another magazine about country recipes. Jack tried to drink his tea slowly the water burning his tongue unable to take his mind off what it had been on all day. He was lucky he knew that. His wife was a bitch at time of the month, she sang in the shower like she was auditioning for a talent show and she couldn’t drive for shit, but she was beautiful, and smart. She could help him put up a shelf and look sexy while doing it. She ran circles around people at work and did a great job of holding their families together. It was even Ebony that had pushed him to take the job that had brought them to this sweet little house, and it was the best decision they’d ever made.

Putting his mug down Jack hissed quietly frowning at the sore point on his finger. Ebony glanced up,


“I got a splinter doing that skirting.” He said flicking his finger nail over the red patch.

“Don’t pick at it.” She scolded jumping down from the counter, “let me see.”

Jack pulled his hand away

“No you’ll make it worse.”

“Don’t be such a baby, let me see.”

“It’s fine” he tried moving but she was ruthless and gripping his arm she squeezed the shred of wood out.

“OWW! That hurts!”

“Don’t be silly.”

“It does!”

Ebony tutted and taking the wounded finger popped it gently in her mouth and sucked gently. Jack’s head span as he vividly imagined what else she could do with that mouth. The warm, wet sensation was over in a second but Ebony had caught the heat, she glanced up with a playful smile,

“All better.” Then the power cut off.

“Shit. Power cut.”

“Another one, that’s three now. There was a film I wanted to see tonight.” Ebony huffed in the blackness while Jack rummaged in the drawer for candles. Prepared now they had everything to hand, lately dark nights had been a curse.

“Follow me up the stairs, I have better ideas.”

In the dark Jack fumbled something into his jackets baggy pocket and then lit several candles set on a tray they lit the way upstairs and once darted about the bedroom they did a splendid job of bathing the room in golden light. The dead television reflected the bed in its black glass. Ebony sat on her knees on the bed and she waited, with anticipation hot in her stomach. She always knew when Jack had a seduction plan; she lived for the random hot moments he created.

“Take that off.” He instructed shedding his jacket and taking a can of sliced apricots from the pocket he proceeded to open it. Ebony sat up on her knees and pulled the jumper off… “And the rest”. Jack didn’t muck about. Ebony stripped off her underwear in silence, pulled the clip from her hair and sat poised waiting for his approval, her eyes focussed on that can, her favourite fruit.

Jack picked up one of his ties, left deliberately to hand on the side cupboard, it had creases in it from earlier in the week and Ebony’s insides fluttered a little. Jacks eyes roamed over her nakedness for a second, he smiled before he asked her to lie back and lift up her wrists. Gently pulling her arms up above her head he wrapped the tie softly but firmly around her wrists and secured Ebony to the bed.

In the light of the candles she watched Jack shed his shirt and then slip his fingers into the open can, taking from the juice an apricot halve. Placing on her bare stomach he slid the piece down, its juice leaving a trail and then proceeded to follow the cool trail with his hot mouth leaving lingering kisses down her naval. Drawing the fruit back up Jack ran it onto Ebony’s breast around her hard tight nipples and claimed her mouth with his own. Ebony arched her back but the bonds prevented her from touching him. Sighing against his lips she let his tongue dip onto her lips and she relished in the feeling. Jack stroked the fruit along her collarbone, down between her breasts, and then returned his mouth to her body and kissed and sucked everywhere that he had ran the fruit, finally slipping the piece to her mouth,

“Eat it.” He ground out and she opened her lips and obeyed.

Collecting another he went lower and this time ran the fruit down and down until it rested on her pussy, Ebony waited, breathless as Jack lowered his head and ate the apricot off her pussy licking at her sensitive place until she pulled at the bonds and moaned. Jack blew softly on her and cooled down the heat before plunging his tongue back and this time Ebony cried out louder, spreading her legs wider, her head back wantonly. He brought her to the edge before leaning back and watching her squirm irritably.

“For God’s sake Jack! Don’t stop.”

He laughed and bit his lip his tongue numb, his cock hard. Ebony huffed and sank against the pillows her face flushed and her eyes glazed over with lust.  “Come and have me” she begged

“Not yet. I’m not finished”…



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