Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Book, still not right

I began writing my book with the intention that it would be for a younger reader, 16ish , but since then obviously I have grown and the book has grown with me. I am thinking areas of the book are too 'soft' too 'dull' and it needs dressing up a little. I think area's need to be made much darker in a gothic horror sort of way, more violence perhaps? I've always been a sensitive person, weak stomach really but that shouldn't stop me managing to write something brutal. I'm thinking the reader needs to fear certain areas of this story, and they need to feel a dropping gut feeling of uncertainty and cautiousness towards characters like Jim.
I did wonder about the 'passion', 'love' element of my book. Of course you some people say you can only write what you know but I think my knowledge from extensive reading could do a decent job of presenting lust and real love. I don't allow my characters into real intimacy (sex) until the 2nd book, I felt this gave enough time to establish a relationship and for the reader to look forward to it. I mean the vampire stories didn't let Bella and Edward 'get it on' until the last sodding book!!! well that was just too late wasn't it? I'm not making my novel into 50 shades, but I think something maybe needs tweaking. I need a man's point of view. I need some serious feedback from my friends. Is the love I've presented enough? is it suffocating and passionate like I want?

I'm stuck and have been for a while because the book's not talking to me. Grace has been silent for months, I can't see what's happening. I've been thinking for quite a while that the book drags. I think perhaps it needs some serious doesn't need the detail or the little references to make it work, in fact they just complicate things. I am thinking that the mortal world (that's our world) does not need to come into conversation what so ever once Grace had arrived in the 12 kingdoms. I don't know. I'm confused.
I need a cup of tea.

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