Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Body Fit Bootcamp

Let me just state first of all that at school I hated P.E. My exact words were..."When I leave school I'll never 'choose' to do this crap again" LOL! A flat chested, size 8 (Oh the misery, I was a size 8!!) 16 year old can say all sorts of rubbish. Well 18 swung around and as happy as I was to expand in the breastige!! woo! (refer to previous blog about how much I love my boobs, 'breasts and bras') I was not all too happy about the hips, or the stomach, or the legs, or anything!! At 19 I was freaking out. What the hell do you mean the top doesnt fit!! Of course it fits, I'll MAKE it fit!!! ...I cant breathe, oh christ get it off me!! It's cutting off my circulation! ..phew, better get me a bigger size.

Oh my god!! I'm obese, I've let myself go and I'm not 20 yet, that was my first thought. Ok bit of an overreaction. I was now a size 12 but in all fairness that's partly because a 10 wouldnt go over my sodding bust! :-D lol. So I attempted running with my sisters, that did not work out, I think you have to enjoy running to stick at it, I contemplated just getting fat, was it such a big deal? Erm yes of course it is!!! Jane Norman doesn't even stock higher than a 14!!! So 8 weeks ago I let my sisters talk me into joining them at the locally run fitness class. A fiver a week seems pretty reasonable when I consider that, that £5 is not buying the usual macdonalds it did before. I've literally cut out macdonalds completely. (This is a big deal)

The group was small, run by Alan, (bootcamp man-as we refer to) and despite being rather skeptical, expecting brutal aggressive work work work! Like the television often presents, I found the atmostphere laid back and fun. 'Bootcamp man' uses a great combination of encouragement and instruction so that you're motivated but not scared stiff of not working hard enough. Everyone seemed to be comfortable with how they looked while working out and no stupid mirrors lined the walls putting you off like at school.

Okay so in all honesty the next morning I woke up and figured that I'd crippled myself. I'm not going again, it's not worth it, I'm not the excercise type, I am destined to eat Mr Kippling and get fat and die alone surrounded by pastry and chinese packets. Hmmm yeah. Thing is jackass Key Holder was putting on a little weight himself (Not my words!!! It's everybody else thats said it!) and he'd sodded off and I was thinking well..fine! Bloody Fine! I am better than that, I can rock this if I have to! I'll be damned before I sink to the same level. Now the song 'I'll make a man out of you' from Disney's 'Mulan', is basically my motivation song, right up there with 'Over the Top' -'Winner Takes it All' So monday night rolls by again and I'm kicking imaginary ass to this song warming myself up....I could do this.

It's been 8 weeks...I am honestly amazed! I have lost half a stone for a start, but seriously this is what I'm excited know the line of muscle that runs down your tummy when you're toned up? Yeah that line..the one thats not there if you are a little chubby, well it wasnt there before but hell it's there now!! It's only a little line, it's not screaming out or anything, but it's there!!! My stomach is tighter, my thighs are smoothier, and my ass is tight! I have a tight ass! WOOO! Ok so yeah first thing I did was buy new underwear and despite being single me and my mirror were getting a good look! Who cares if it's only me appreciating this hard work, that's what it's all about! Feeling good about yourself. I would totally post a picture of the 'line' on here to emphasize my point (I have taken a photo, yes I'm that thrilled) but I'm not that confident yet. lol give it a few more months maybe. :-)
So 'Bootcamp man' doesn't just do a great job during class, he takes time and puts effort into his followers encouraging diet plans, food diaries and offering friendly advice. I have turned my eating right around, with helpful tips. For a start I can eat normal portions without over doing it, I have given up most take away but its not a struggle, because after a few weeks of feelings great, a takeaway made me feel clogged and urgh! So I don't even miss that. I eat 5 a day, I make my meals from scratch, and I still enjoy my treats. Jam Tarts, Yum!!! And a little cheese, and cake and cookies, the occasional drink etc but I can restrict myself. I don't eat after 8 and I am managing all this fairly easily.

I used to struggle to sleep, and I always found I was tired during the day but now I'm sleeping better and waking earlier, my energy levels have boosted up and I'm juggling more things. My jeans are loose, hell yeah!! My jeans are loose! People at work have commented, my neighbour has commented, my hips are softening I'm so pleased, and I find general feeling has improved. Since starting 8 weeks ago I've not only found a new social activity in attending Bootcamp, but also the group has expanded, because it's good!! More people, men and women are coming regularly and doing great. :-)
I wanted to blog about this because one I will never let myself go, this line is here to stay!!! I am regarding this change as being a very important stepping stone in my life, but also because I wanted to encourage anyone else. Starving yourself or over eating is not the way to live life. Getting fit and healthy isnt a hardship when you see results, and if I can stick to this then anybody can do it. I hope this inspires others to change their lifestyle and gain the self confidence that it brings. I want to say a big thank you to Alan (Bootcamp man) who runs this so well, and to everyone who makes Bootcamp Fitness an enjoyable, rewarding experience. :-) No judgement, no laughing, just an open and comfortable time . Love it!!!

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