Monday, 4 March 2013

3. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing, was a tad nervous here, but I try to face any fear I come up against. First time on the wall I got half way, and was ready to come down getting a bit scared. My friend Warren, who was feeding me up, holding the rope, wasn't having any of it, git. I carried on climbing with his encouragement and actually made it to the top, after succeeding at one, I was more conifident to attempt harder, higher walls. I've been climbing  a few times now and managed to reach the top of some pretty high walls. I never intended to make this a passion, I merely wanted to push myself and see if I could handle the fear of height when actually holding myself to a rock. I have abseiled down quite easily and that's fun, so I'm confident that I'll be able to abseil down a skyscraper :-) lol we'll see. :-)

Me! Starting a climb :-)

Me almost at the top. Got to go over that ledge all the way to the grey roof, and I did it!

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