Saturday, 23 March 2013

a hard strong drink poem

Well that was a hard strong drink!
 Stinging your lips, leaving your head feeling black and blue,
run through the gutters with a  pounding, headache residue.
You did this to us! You're just like him,
drowning, suffocating, can't breathe, can't swim
"Get off me!" blinding floods of tears spill
running, fighting, my heart chills
My guardian angel flys in too late
too late, I'm frightened it's damaged, get me out of here James!
Screaming, fighting, I've blacked out
What's happened? What's happened I try to shout
My voice it breaks my frame shudders, I can't stop shaking
I can't stop breaking, I'm drowning, I'm drowning.
Don't let me drown, take me away I can't breathe now.

Who are you? When did you become this?
I haven't lost myself, I've lost my way,
It's done, it's gone, I can't stay
not now, you stupid people! You've made me this.
I realise now I don't have wings,
you threw me down and I fell, without the feathers God didn't bring
I realised I have feet thats all,
but they will do they'll carry me far
until with newspaper scraps and glue, I'll make my own pair
I'll show all of you! You can't keep me down, you can't lock me up
I'd rather suffer and struggle with freedom as my name
than thrive in a cage, because you'll forever stay the same.

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