Friday, 15 March 2013

first kisses, J&G

Jim and Grace stood awkwardly beneath the umbrella, they were still damp but the gesture of being beneath it brought them closer together. Grace was waiting; her mind was tumbling over and over, should I wait? Should I go? Should I wait for it? For god’s sake please don’t make me wait any longer. Jim leant in, their lips met, Grace’s stomach fluttered at the rub of her skin against soft brittle hair, all strength and masculinity close against her. Her heart was beating too fast. She had no idea what to do, she was already losing the feeling in her legs, she wanted more, she wanted to press closer, Christ she felt completely lost unable to think about any technique or measure, just falling into bliss. This felt so good.

Afterwards Grace had to force herself to remember how to walk, her legs were weak, lips tingling. Fumbling with the door key half disorientated, she struggled to even put her mind into order, key, hand, lock, turn…this shouldn’t be so difficult, kiss kiss kiss kiss. Grace breathe! I think I’m going to faint. That felt so good.

Despite being so very adverse to umbrellas after various annoying episodes, I actually like the very British feel and look of them. No English gentleman should be without a hat and umbrella –someone in a movie once said that. Quite amusing that’s always stayed with me. The actual point I’m making though is that, even though I’d rather get wet than lug a damp umbrella around, when I was a little girl dreaming of the future I had a childish fantasy of having a first kiss under an umbrella. Something about being crushed under it, and being damp and the rain pattering around was a romantic image in my mind. My first kiss wasn’t under an umbrella, or in the rain, and I forgot that little dream. It’s rather got me in a fit of giggles now that my 2nd first kiss was exactly the way I imagined it should be so very long ago, has Fate come back around after missing me the last time? Hmmm.




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